Ayshia Muezzin & Daniele Bongiovanni


Digital, Video


Journey into a decimated future-ethereality – a collaborative piece between Venice biennale artist Daniele Bongiovanni and Intermedia artist [ a y s h ]. ‘OrbiLux’ showed at multiple exhibitions around the world.

Music/Edit/3D – [ a y s h ] – Ayshia Taskin Paintings – Daniele Bongiovanni OrbiLux is a collaborative video art piece between Intermedia artist Ayshia Taskin and Italian conceptual painter Daniele Bongiovanni. It was created as a response to digitize painting and visualize the connection between the physical, social, and metaphysical/digital realm. Since we are occupied with the digital realm OrbiLux explores this phenomenon in an ethereal manner by using multi-layering techniques, CG character design, and conceptual painting