Closed for submissions :(

Vega Collective, MRU

Call for submissions for our upcoming open digital exhibition.

Selected works will appear on display aboard Vega, with prizes awarded to the winning artists. The theme for this exhibition is “The Terrible Power of MRU”.


Q - Who is MRU?
A – MRU is the protocol known to generate the universe

Q – How can I depict such an abstract concept?
A – MRU is commonly depicted as a non-gendered figure wearing a
white mask and dressing gown

Q – That sounds easy
A - That wasn’t a question

Vega Collective, MRU

(A portrayal of the personification of MRU in the popular stage show Trials of Entropy)

Any media is welcome. Please provide clean photographs of any physical work or renders of digital work. For any sound or moving image, please include links.

To apply visit Curator Space

You can also apply via email at

For email applications please be sure to include the following:


  • Name of artist or collective
  • Clear images of up to 3 works
  • Links to any video or audio works
  • Media or method of production
  • A short description of the work
  • Artist website or social media

For competition updates follow:

Instagram: @vegacollective