Do you have space in your house, flat, car, cupboards, drawers, sink, toaster, shoes, pockets, wallet or otherwise? !

Don't skip the good news!


At Personal Space Brokers, we have money and we want your space.

Whether it's physical, conceptual or metaphorical, we're there to capitalize.

Where there’s an empty hollowness inside, an emotional distance between you and your estranged loved ones, or the space in your airing cupboard – We’ll be there to fill it with holiday makers, storage for pyramid schemes, failing start-ups and more!


Boxstone South

"Renting out the wheel-well of my car helped me make some lifelong friends"



" I trade my personal space so I can feel close to another human being."



"Through PSB I was able to make my rent by sharing my flat with a local football team"



"I kept peoples cats in my cellar and didn't give them back"



" I trade my personal space to financial advisors so I can watch through my fingers as the economy plummets into oblivion."


Did you know that 98% of our customers would recommend us to family and friends.
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