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Tell us about your local community events!

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to let the community know what is happening in your area. Email "" with details of your event!

To get in touch our find out what the crew are working on Click Here to visit our new Discord server


Despite the webmasters personal hatred of social media, we are obliged to ask you to check out our Instagram Click Here for updates.



There is still time to visit Open Call Exhibition Click Here.


The countdown is on to this years Reset. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements. Click Here for more info!
Vega Collective are proud to support the Foundation resistance movement - Ball and Chain. Stay tuned for footage of the event!
Click Here and take a visit to the Hermit's Corner for some expert insights on the wonder of exploration!
Vega Collective are embarking on a project to honour the eternal bond between humanity and the vastness of the universe.Click Here to find out more!


While we await the endless exhibition set up, why not Click Here to check out some of Magnolia Blandford's photographs in our newly opened Darkroom



Look out for the upcomming interview with The Meatles sensation Bobby Veins talking about their debut feel good hit of the summer! Click Here



You will all be pleased to know that we have managed to contain the snow storm and are working on integrating the Ice Planet into the structure of Vega. Please bare with us! Click Here



We're all looking forward to the re-opening of the Vega Collective Radio Station after the successful fundraiser following the fire. We'd like to thanks Ms Bungfoot for her generous donations. For updates on her new upcoming gardening slot Click Here


We'd like to say a huge Vega Collective thank you to our sponsors at FCFC F's and C's and Happy Hive Click Here to get your Molk Tooth Smile!


Don’t forget to check out the fantastic informational video that inspired the upcoming series of novels and television show. I think you’ll agree we can all learn something from this fascinating tribute to the tying of Yellow ties.



The whole community would like to welcome back Enid Flambrough after her unfortunate incident, keep spreading the love and optimism we all know you for Enid!

If you would like to donate to the Flambrough glue fund to help bring back some of Enids enduring companions please Click Here.



Support Aldbruh

Recently declared as a separate reality, Aldbruh residents have been celebrating with a sponsored malaise in support of the newly renovated Ice Cream & Tennis. Why not show solidarity and stare despairingly at a wall near you! Click Here


Like a siren of solar systems, Vega is always luring visitors to crash onto her meaty rocks. Keep checking to see who or what may be new to her orbit.











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